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Learn About 28DAYRESET

A unique program to reset your gut, improve your sleep, clear your mind and reconnect with your body, so you have more energy each and every day to enjoy life.

This isn’t a program focused on ‘weight’.

It’s a program to help get your body back to ‘normal’ so you can feel great again.

Just 28minutes a day for 28 days (and that’s NOT 28 minutes of exercise!!)


How It Works

Optimising Your Body


Daily Reflections

Start your morning with your journal - 10 minutes of gratitude, self reflection and observation of your body, mind and health.
Then 4 minutes of meditation.
Don't worry - your GET STARTED GUIDE will help you
fit this important work into your busy schedule.

Mindful Movement

Your body was designed to move!
14 minutes of movement a day to boost energy, enjoyment and help create that work/life balance.
You can complete any activity (going from the couch to the fridge does not count!) and with all the ideas included in your 
and exercise workouts designed by your coach,
you are sure to find something you can enjoy.

Green Goodness

Immune and Gut Health

MORNING - Enjoy your POWER SHAKE while you complete your Journal. A big boost of antioxidants, grass juices, herbal adaptogens, enzymes, probiotics, botanical extracts and fibre to restore natural energy levels, support immune function, circulation, healthy vision and mental function.    

​LUNCH & DINNER - Improve digestion and nutrient absorption with digestive enzymes. Taken twice daily, these powerful enzymes includes probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients to support healthy blood sugar levels and healthy fat metabolism.

BEDTIME - Enhance your immune system and improve digestion with this potent formula of powerful probiotics.



This program was designed for everyone! Whether you're a stressed corporate, busy mum, shift worker, returning to study or running your own business - improving your health is easy, quick and simple with 28DAYRESET.
Healthy doesn't have to be hard, you just have to listen for the signs your body is telling you.....


How to start and What to do is all in your GET STARTED GUIDE, which you will receive when you join. You'll find details on how to join the Facebook Group, how to prepare for the program, what to do when your Nutrition Kit arrives and the most important part, using your Journal. 

Nutrition Kit

Premium Yor Health Nutrition Kit to improve gut health and boost your immune system - delivered to your front door. Nutrition Kit includes: SuperGreens, Fibre Plus*, Berry Blast and Digestive Ultra.
All natural, no nasties.
*currently unavailable


With support and guidance from your coach, the 28DAYRESET members, you will join a community creating success. Regular accountability ensures no-one is left behind, the online program will help build your knowledge and daily action creates results.


Success Stories

Real Women Reflecting


I have to say within such a short time, through shear determination, commitment, hard work and emotional ups and downs, I feel and have noticed a considerable shift both mentally and physically.
Mentally; I have clarity, clearer thinking, focus, emotional wellness and reduced stress.
Physically; I am pain free, energised/motivated, body firmness, muscle and loose fitting clothing with an overall weight loss of just over 8kg.

Mez H - Shift working nurse, mum of 3

Meet the Creator

Here to Help You Succeed

Fiona Hurle

Integrative Health and Well-BEing Coach

Fiona Hurle is a women’s mind, body and soul wellbeing coach who empowers and educates her clients to re-connect with their inner strength and identity, and get them back into the driver’s seat of their life.

As a personal trainer, professional human behavioural strategist, nutrition coach and holistic therapist, Fiona emphasises the role of creating a healthy mindset, balanced nutrition, movement, and the positive effects on all areas of life. Fiona provides a no B.S, approach carefully teamed with love, nurture and accountability whilst making sure that her clients have fun along the journey.


Join the program

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4 week program + lifetime access AUD$97.00

Get Started Guide


Nutrition Kit

AUD$240.00 + postage (order seperately)

28 Day Journal




At Inspired Woman Institute we work with women who want to stop the stress & forget the fads when it comes to health and fitness, and adopt lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

OUR MISSION: To empower high performing women who struggle to lose weight and navigate the natural changes of womanhood, despite their best efforts in the gym and kitchen.

OUR MANTRA: It's WHO you're BEING that makes you WELL

OUR GIFTS: We provide a uniquely personalised health & wellbeing plan based on your genetic profile to create long-term sustainable results, with solutions that integrate seamlessly into your daily lifestyle



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